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Angela and Kelly are two dumb chicks standing in front of an old store that was closed long-long ago. They know that it had been a Mr. Ridley, Ronny'd been his name, either magician or conjurer, or even occultist who had owned the shop. They decide to explore the depths of the store's basement... the owner, Mr. Ridley, died 47 years ago, but his spirit is alive and is full of canty, cool, unexpected... desires of the flesh. Story & Art by JAG27.
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Two chicks are home alone and bored...so they intend to amuse themselves with the neighbor guy... But the hostess of the house has a problem by the name of Daria, who keeps sticking her nose in everything. The two chicks decide to teach her a les..., but they are in for a surprise! Dreams soon become a reality for the neighbors! Story & Art by JAG27.
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Tragedy strikes poor Holly when someone unexpectedly dies. After going through a divorce and getting a nice house on the beach, things started to look up, but horrible dreams are striking while she ...s. Doctors are trying to help her through the tragic times, but nothing is working. She is wondering when it will all end... Story & Art by JAG27.
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Dreams pursue Holly even on the streets: she meets an interesting group of people, members of which so oddly become... naked. After that, the dreams get worse and more realistic... but putting up with the dreams is not working. Unrest in the house is mostly due to Mark... and warnings to Holly about Mark are becoming urgent. Chaos breaks loose and the police are left with a mess to clean up... Story & Art by JAG27.
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2045, planet Earth. Humankind has lost the war with robots. Spencer is haunted by strange dreams: he isn't himself! He has been turned into a woman named Deidra, who is captured and used for biological experiments. Spencer's dreams are explained by a psychoanalyst... or at least attempted. What is the truth here? Are humans real... or virtual? Thrown into a virtual world of sex can't be all bad, can it?? Story & Art by JAG27.
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In the world, pre-programmed by the robots, Jamilla appears. She rambles about a Chinese store and young man named Ling. Ling suspects her of stealing goods and concealing them in her bra. But Jamilla isn't a thief... just well endowed. Ling has to be reprimanded for falsely accusing her... in a very original way. Story & Art by JAG27.
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Jamilla reappears as Spencer in this episode. Spencer goes to Angela and convinces her to run away with him. However, the machines are on high alert and aware of the humans. Angela is not convinced and ...s Spencer to prove his love to her... and he does! Meanwhile, the machines are hot on their trail. Story & Art by JAG27.
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It is September 1864...the great southern city of Atlanta has fallen to the ...ous ...s of Union General Sherman, and the road to Confederate defeat has opened wide for the invading Union ...s under the direction of General Grant. Confederate irregulars...commandos of their day...have begun a last, desperate attempt to halt the Union advance, by conducting raids behind enemy lines. These ...s become known as the "Gray Ghosts" because of their "haunting" the Union ...s, attacking by night and taking no pri...ers before fading of into blackness before day break. Secret orders are issued for Union field units...that the "Ghosts" are not to be taken alive...and that all who attempt surrender...will be executed. Death warrants are issued for all known Confederate Ghost commanders... Story & Art by JAG27.
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Colonel John Warner has finally returned home, only to find his wife pregnant. But, as he attempts to sort his life out and leave the war behind him, bounty hunters come looking for him with the intention of hanging him for trea... for aiding in the assassination of President Lincoln... a crime for which he is not guilty. Story & Art by JAG27.
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While attempting to rescue Rosita, John Warner meets his death. But Lucy and Eppy make it their mission to avenge his death... by putting McDooley, the diabolical Union agent... in the position of the hunted. In the meantime, the young Maria Sanchez finds herself overwhelmed by her... and slipping slowly over the edge of sanity. ... and sexual mayhem abound. Story & Art by JAG27.
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